papers I am happy with

  1. Human evolution. How small was the bottleneck?     JS Jones, S Rouhani, Nature 319 (6053), 449
  2. The frequency of shifts between alternative equilibria. NH Barton, S Rouhani, Journal of Theoretical Biology 125 (4), 397-418
  3. Turbulent Two-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamics and Conformal Field Theory, MRR Tabar, S RouhaniAnnals Phys. 246, 446-458
  4. Do the quantum corrections to the soliton mass vanish? S Rouhani, Nuclear Physics B 182 (3), 462-476.
  5. Molecular genetics and the pattern of human evolution: plausible and implausible models, S Rouhani, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Rowe, DC (2002).

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